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> PPACA Preventive Meds List

Coverage of Preventive Medications


If your plan contains a Preventive Services benefit, you do not need to pay a copay or coinsurance, or meet your deductible for preventive drugs. Preventive drugs prevent a disease or condition for people who have risk factors. They can also be used to prevent the recurrence of a disease or condition for those who have recovered. They don’t include drugs that treat an existing illness, injury or condition.  


OmedaRx® follows government guidelines to determine which preventive medications we cover under the Preventive Services benefit. These guidelines are updated periodically to reflect new scientific and medical advances, so this list and your benefits may be subject to change. Government recommendations will be instituted within one year of being published.


If you would like us to cover a medication not found on this list, please contact Customer Service at the number listed on the back of your member card to request an exception.


Please see the PDFs below for the current preventive medications lists.

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