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We are a dedicated team of experts on evidence-based medication assessments. Like private investigators following a medication's trail, we dig for the truth and uncover any gaps or holes in the science. We gather studies and literature from around the world, talk to physician experts and leading researchers and methodically scrutinize every clinical trial.

When we've exhausted our search, OmedaRx develops a complete suite of solutions that clearly explain which medications are most effective and why.

OmedaRx's medication assessment process has been recognized for its rigor and performance by the Insitute for Clinical and Economic Review, a national leader in evaluating effectiveness and value in health care.

Our medication evaluations are so well-regarded they've even been referenced by the National Institutes of Health, Consumer Reports, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

As a recognized clinical authority and thought leader, we partner with health plans, physicians and the pharmaceutical community to get the most effective and valuable treatments into patients' hands.

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