We Use Science to Predict the Performance and Impact of Medications

Delivering consumer-friendly benefits and treatment information to health plan members
Providing the safest, most effective medications at the lowest net price to employers and their employees
Partnering with you to get safer, more effective and valuable medications into patients’ hands.

OmedaRx has the most rigorous, evidence-based medication assessment process in the country.

We partner with health plans, employers, physicians and the pharmaceutical community to get the most safe, effective and valuable treatments into patients' hands. Specially trained to conduct critical appraisals of scientific evidence, we've been on the front lines and behind the counter. So we understand the practical applications of the medications we evaluate.

OmedaRx's medication assessment process has been recognized for its rigor and performance by the Insitute for Clinical and Economic Review, a national leader in evaluating effectiveness and value in health care.

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